Monday, May 8, 2017

Antifa Getting Jumpy: Training for Combat

Here's the FB page.

Any objectively honest Patriot will admit several points: Too many 'Patriots' are fat, lazy, over 45, under-trained, comfortable on the sofa and unwilling to clear leather.

Another objectively demonstrable point: The Leftists are better organized, better financed, more motivated, generally much younger, training harder than most 'Militia' units, have far more support among the general population, - and will be willing to shoot first. It is a tiny step from hurling a Molotov to popping-off live rounds.

For every 'Patriot' tempted to float the rebuttals and excuses - don't bother.  We are dealing with objective observations.  Sure, 'once Patriots get into the fight' the paradigm may change.  But let's be intellectually honest - as you read this post, you will NOT pick up your kit and 'get into the fight' if a few Leftists drop a few OathKeepers or MAGA Trumpers at the next Berkeley mash-up.

The Leftists have every advantage.  And they are willing to press those advantages for their ideals.

If you consider yourself a Threeper, the time for clearly deciding in your mind under what circumstances you will leave the porch, is here.

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